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Key Service Areas:

  • Patent Preparation and Prosecution
  • Intellectual Property Strategy and Counseling
  • Patentability Studies, Searches, and Validity Opinions
  • Trademarks and Copyrights 
  • IP Transactions (Licensing/Purchase/Sale/Transfer)


 A sampling of the many technology areas in which Mitch has worked is listed below.

  • medical devices, including ablation devices, heart valves, stents, surgical tools, orthopedic implants, and materials for medical devices.
  • automated medical product and pill dispensing devices, injection simulators.
  • internet of things (IOT) devices.
  • mechanical devices, including consumer goods, aeronautical devices, appliances, and sporting goods.
  • polymers, copolymers, and polymer blends.
  • adhesives, including medical and surgical adhesives and applicators.
  • pharmaceutical formulations. 
  • materials, including shaped  memory alloys, composites, ceramics and glasses.
  • electrochemistry and lithium ion batteries.
  • pharmaceutical delivery devices.
  • process engineering and methods.
  • golf related inventions.
  • robotics, including medical robots and microtechnology.